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Bourbon  Chronicles: Wyoming Whiskey Review

Bourbon Chronicles: Wyoming Whiskey Review

We got your Wyoming Whiskey Review right here - Wyoming Whiskey (WW) is a unique, distinctly American bourbon which is hand distilled in small batches at the distillery in Kirby, Wyoming under the direction of Bourbon Hall of Famer Steve Nally.


While many would still consider WW “craft” it’s not some mom and pop shop. WW Distillery is a proper facility pumping out an excellent product.


From day one, every drop of Wyoming Whiskey is handmade under Steve’s direction and aged on-site. That fact is not true of every whiskey made in America. At Wyoming Whiskey the distilling process means a lot, and they know it means something to you as an American whiskey aficionado.


From Buck Lovell... If you’re lucky enough to live in Wyoming, you’re "lucky enough," as the saying goes. Wyoming Whiskey as of this writing is only available in Wyoming, how lucky can a Wyoming resident bourbon drinker get?


Wyoming Whiskey Review - Wyoming Whiskey has a simple goal: to create America's next great bourbon
Buck was clean-shaven when he started to drink this whiskey.


Backstory of Wyoming Whiskey


Wyoming Whiskey is the state’s first legal distillery, reportedly started by Brad and Kate Mead and David DeFazio, who then invited Steve Nally to come help them make bourbon. Nally is the name most bourbon enthusiasts might recognize, as he is a Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame inductee who spent 33 years at Maker’s Mark, almost half of them as Master Distiller.


Unsurprisingly, a lot of Nally’s experience shows in the Wyoming Whiskey production process. I often thought Maker’s Mark’s stories read like they would work just as well in a bakery as in a distillery, and Wyoming Whiskey has the same kind of ring to it, what with the grains being ground fresh every day. Most distilleries have a good water story too, and to keep the iron out Wyoming Whiskey draws on a limestone aquifer some 40 odd miles distant.


Wyoming Whiskey Small Batch came out in 2012 and was the first release from the company, followed in November 2014 by their single barrel bourbon.


Wyoming Whiskey Review: Specifications

Mash bill: 68% corn, 20% wheat, 12% malted barley (all grown locally, w/in 100 miles of the distillery). All fermentation and distillation occur on-site through the use of four 2,500 gallon fermentation tanks and a continuous distillation system comprised of a 38′ tall and 18″ wide column still and a 42″ by 40″ pot still.


Wyoming Whiskey is barreled at 115 proof in new, charred, white oak barrels. These 53-gallon barrels are stored in one of three warehouses in Kirby. Temperature is not regulated which means WW experiences sustained 130-degree temperatures in the summer and below zero temperatures in the winter. Meaningful daily temperature swings are also common.


What this means - This fluctuation in temperature means that the whiskey is more dynamic on a daily basis and penetrates and recedes from the charred oak more frequently than other maturation environments.


Wyoming Whiskey Review


Wyoming Whiskey Review is provided by 5-Ball Racing Garage and Buck Lovell
Address: 100 S Nelson St, Kirby, WY 82430
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