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Working 2016 Daytona Bikeweek for 5-Ball Leathers

Working 2016 Daytona Bikeweek for 5-Ball Leathers

The phone rang early on a Sunday morning and Edge from the Smoke Out had a job for me at Destination Harley-Davidson and did I want to participate? After our discussion we agreed that he would provide a room from Sunday through Thursday and a truck for Wednesday and I would work for him for Monday and Tuesday and provide lunches. 5-Ball Leathers Bikeweek road trip, Sweet!

It’s always a blast to hang out with Edge as his stories never let up. He hung out with Indian Larry and Billy Lane when all the Biker Buildoff stuff was just beginning to heat up. He knew Larry when he was more rogue than philosopher.

5-Ball Leathers Bikeweek Hunt - I was in Daytona on the hunt to introduce 5-Ball Leathers to a few key companies and see if I could get a couple of promotions going. One promotion that went well was with The Horse Backstreet Chopper Magazine. I connected with Chantel, the new-media director, and came to an agreement on working together. Based on that agreement, you will be seeing 5-Ball Racing Leathers’ ads in print, online and in mobile.

We will initially begin our introduction to the 5-Ball Leathers’ Spl Ops Jacket where a rider can convert it to a Spl Ops Vest by unzipping the sleeves.

We will be using Dumptruck as our leather model. He is one of our 5-Ball ambassadors.

spl-ops-jacket- 5-Ball Leathers Bikeweek
Dumptruck as our leather model

Tropical Tattoo Chopper Time

I never miss the Willie's show in Daytona during Bikeweek and Biketoberfest. This year it was "the" can't miss show at Daytona is the WILLIE'S TROPICAL TATTOO OLD SCHOOL CHOPPER SHOW. The eye-catching display of ol’ skool custom scoots were out front while out back, bands were stirring up the gang with their wall to wall of sound.

This is why we love Chopper Time - Killer Bikes!

Willie’s is always a party as bikes pack into the property as tight as you can get ‘em. This is an old school show filled with plenty of rat bikes, garage customs, vintage scoots and choppers. BBQ was cooking out back and cash and prizes for the winners in 20 classes. This show is about the bikes that are built to ride... The builders show up here because it is the only place were the builders come together each year.
    The artistic form of the build must absolutely follow the engineered function of a motorcycle. You have to build a bike first! If function is thrown out the window in lieu of artistic expression then we are simply visual artists constructing metal sculptures. If someone wants to construct a metal art piece that exaggerates the form of a motorcycle while departing from its function the way Pablo Picasso painted content while departing from visual form, then by all means misalign the wheels, build a frame with no downtubes, engrave every inch of metal, and leave the fluids out. Then, stick it in an art gallery like MoMA (not a motorcycle show) and call it what it is, an impressionistic representation and an exaggeration in form. Go ahead and be an artist, but don't call yourself a builder if you can’t build a bike that rides straight hands-free at 100mph!

    - Will Ramsey

Roadside Marty Working the MIC
Foul-mouth Roadside Marty working the crowd

In front, Roadside Marty was doling out his one-of-a-kind bantor trying to coax the tops off of as many babes as he could and he actually succeeded several times!! MC Roadside Marty is guaranteed to stir the pot. BTW: His leather of choice is a 5-Ball Leathers' 5/8th sleeve JAK Shirt.

Also, the tattoo shop was open, so, if you wanted some ink, you could get it! Several hand made, one-of-a-kind trophies were up for grabs to some lucky builder, and as always, there were pretty girls to help with the trophy presentations.

All in all, a fabulous week in the warm Florida sunshine!

Chicks dig me, because I rarely wear underwear and when I do it's usually something unusual. A website without a direction is like a foot without a big toe. I provide direction, coordinate updates and monitor activities… I’m the big toe for the 5-Ball Racing Garage site.

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