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Will Ramsey of  Faith Forgotten Choppers talks with Pat Jansen

Will Ramsey of Faith Forgotten Choppers talks with Pat Jansen

Will Ramsey of Faith Forgotten Choppers from Southern Indiana was competing with his latest chop made with his custom titanium frame at the 2016 Willies Tropical Tattoo Choppertime Custom Bike Show.


Mr. Ramsey is one of those few guys that builds bikes, makes parts and is the tech editor of a major magazine — Cycle Source Magazine.


He is always in demand as a builder, a judge or a trouble shooter. The last time we caught up with Will was at the US Championship of the J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show in Chicago. He awarded Jeremy Cupp as the King of the Builders for his No. 7 motorcycle. Later in 2017 the bike will be competing in the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building in Europe for the World Champion of Custom Bike Building.


Pat Jansen or Progressive Pat interviews custom bike builders from across the United States. Will Ramsey of Forgotten Choppers was the first interview of the day.


To see some of Ramsey’s fabrication chops, check put his tech tip on building a gas tank for one of his custom choppers. It was originally published in the March 2013 issue of Cycle Source Magazine – Click here for the gas tank article.


Custom Motorcycle Design & Fabrication Shop – For a lot of builders there’s the dilemma of whether they build a custom bike to only win shows or build a bike to ride the hell out of on the street. Will Ramsey builds ride-able show bikes.

Will Ramsey of Faith Forgotten Choppers

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