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Will Jen of LED SLED get her Sportster?

Will Jen of LED SLED get her Sportster?

Jen Patterson takes care of the operations at Led Sled. Progressive Pat interviews Jen and attempts to get her a Harley from her husband Pat Patterson.


Help JEN

Help Jen get her Sportster by dropping her hubby Pat a line here –


Pat Patterson has risen to the top of the customer motorcycle world with his skills and eye for design. Pat thrives in the Sportster market with his custom bikes, complete product line and unique approach to style. Pat and Led Sled Customs have separated themselves and continue to plow a path for the new generation of bike builders.

Led Sled Customs has been featured in nearly every major motorcycle publication in the world with their custom builds. Pat has also led the way in the custom Sportster components and modifications. For the last decade, Pat has focused his attention on the overlooked Sportster market, chopped it up, rebuilt it, and stamped his style all over it.

Produced by Biker Pros at the 2015 J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show in Long Beach, CA.


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