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The Smoke Out 16 Chronicles

The Smoke Out 16 Chronicles


Smoke Out 16

By Jeff Najar

The Smoke Out is a microcosm of life, love and moto-culture. I rolled into the event with a Jeep instead of my chopper because my wheeling~dealing failed to deliver a hi-po EVO mill, just a stillborn v-twin that pushes oil through the rocker boxes. I had worked out a deal that provided a free engine. At the current $1,280 its not free and I'm still looking for a solution. But that's another story.

Hot, Hot, Hot This year the Smoke Out temps hit a sustained 100+ mind-numbing degrees. I kept cool by loading the cowboy hat with ice. Everyone was looking for ways to stay cool and took innovative approaches to keep the body temperature down.

I met up with Bandit on the grounds of the Smoke Out as he was rolling in on his new Indian Chief. Last year he put a deal together with Rich Woorley of American Biker of Charleston, SC for a customized sled. His new Indian flies the 5 Ball Racing color scheme of his Panheads that have won multiple Bonneville titles.   Ride from Suck, Bang, Blow in Murrells Inlet, SC to Rockingham, NC for the Smokeout 2015.
Bandit on his new sled
  PRO and JOE Bike Show The last three years I’ve been producing the PRO and JOE custom bike show. This year we had 80 hand-built sleds from garage builders and chopper jockeys. The winning bikes are divided between 3 pro builders and 7 joe builders. Jeff Cochran of SpeedKing, Jeremy Cupp of LC Fabrications and Bill Dodge of Blings Cycles took the win in Pros and delivered incredible motorcycles.

Pro Winners

Speed King Shovel
Jeff Cochran's Gold Shovel Speed King - Cochran won with a gold Shovelhead where he took a stock frame and turned it into a slammed and narrow chopper. Bandit will be writing an article on the bike in an upcoming issue of The Horse Backstreet Choppers Magazine.
Bill Dodge's Bling Cycle
Bill Dodge's Egret

Bling’s Cycle - Dodge of Bling’s Cycle brought Egret, a custom chopper built in memory of his close friend John Green. The chop is simple, clean, functional and bitchin’. Egret is very pure and solid chopper built to emphasize the 52 FL Panhead engine and coupled to a 1946 H-D tranny. Shaggy will be writing a multipage feature on Dodge’s custom bike in rag.
LC Fabrications
LC Fabrication's sled built by Jeremy Cupp LC Fabrications - The final pro builder to win the multi-page feature was Jeremy Cupp of LC Fabrications. His speedster-style sled is truly a work of two wheel art. The Smoke Out Rally isn’t just about choppers, it’s also about music and shenanigans. The minibike races, drag races and slider trikes deliver high-drama Powersports.

Smoke Out's House Band

Rebel Son has become a Friday night Smoke Out tradition. It's an original honky tonk rockabilly band based out of Raleigh, NC. Consisting of guitarist/singer/songwriter Lee Johnson, drummer Tom Warwick & bassist Dave Schneider, Rebel Son electrifies you with a high-octane journey as they proclaim their blue-collar doctrine. They're course, profane and the chopper jockeys love'm.
One of the band member was in the band-van proclaiming his love to a fan minutes before he climbed on stage to belt out the first song. Later he was seen providing his telephone number via Sharpie on the palm of a Horse maiden... It's good to be a rock star... The music line up also included Koffin Kats, midnight concert with Skye Paige, Cutthroat Shamrock and one man band - Phillip Roebuck.
Burn out & Midnight Concerts Burnouts & Midnight Concert
The burn out box was in operation from evening till early morning. One after another, bikes would roll in and once the wheel smoke was thick, enthusiasts would roll out crying because of the acrid air. No matter where you go there is always a party pooper... The Horse Maidens were staying at the Horse HQ (Best Western Hotel) and got kicked out of the pool for skinny dipping. maidensThe Horse Maidens out & a bout making friends and posing on sleds

RIP Richie Pan

RIchie Pan RIP

Richie Pan passed away when he was struck by a car crossing a road in North Carolina

The motorcycle community lost a bright light during Smoke Out 16. Richard Panarra, 49, and Michael Napolitano, 54, both of Jackson, New Jersey, were killed when they were struck by a car just outside Aberdeen at 1850 US Highway 1 near the Sizzlin Steak or Eggs Restaurant in the southbound lane around 1AM while crossing U.S. 1.

Friends told police that the two men, who were staying at the Best Western hotel while attending the Smoke Out 16 event in Rockingham, were headed to a bar before the accident happened.

  From Tyler Ludlow, Bikernet Baggers

    As I slowly pulled into the party, Rene, Edge's wife and the Smoke Out's VP, approached my truck, and I relayed what info I could.

    "Probably locals."

    Moments later the party was in full force with a kiddie pool of beers, The Horse Staff, and Stampede riders leading the parade of noise and backslapping that so often falsely puts hotel managers on the edge of their seats. The boys in blue made their rounds, which made everyone nervous. Not for the exhaust notes or the topless girls in the pool, but because the scene of a very large accident was visable from the party in the parking lot. They said nothing. Spacey from The Horse mag played acoustic guitar in the lobby for everyone.

    Around 1:30am, the the worst materialized. I noticed Edge walk off with his phone against his ear. This is always a bad omen in the early hours of the event. He has direct communication with the local police and of course his own security. He announced to no one in particular, "They think it's Richie out there. Let's go Spacey," on his heels.

Chicks dig me, because I rarely wear underwear and when I do it's usually something unusual. A website without a direction is like a foot without a big toe. I provide direction, coordinate updates and monitor activities… I’m the big toe for the 5-Ball Racing Garage site.

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