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The Salt Torpedo Meets Atomic Bob

The Salt Torpedo Meets Atomic Bob

Mr. and Mrs. Atomic Become Part of the 5-Ball Racing Team By Bandit with art by Atomic Dice Team 6/23/2015 It all started... with our 5-Ball Racing search for our trike streamliner name, which quickly centered around the “Salt Torpedo.” Then the Prince stepped up from his mountain top castle and said, “There’s only one artist on the planet capable of this lofty task.” Mr & Mrs AtomicWhen I asked, “Who?” He suddenly disappeared on a bike show rampage at over a dozen locations around the country. We couldn’t reach past his vast and unrelenting staff for a moment of his precious time until the snow thawed and the show season culminated in a grand finale somewhere in the Himalayas. (Chicago to be exact, Ed) He sent a small donkey–riding Sherpa out of the hills with his response etched into a dark chunk of lava rock. It said, “Speak only to Mrs. Atomic.”
The next thing we knew, during a top secret Bikernet and 5-Ball Racing editorial meeting a fax caught fire as it buzzed and squeaked from the antiquated staff FAX machined and drifted to the deck in flames. Several members stomped the singed paper into the pure white pearlescent carpeting and handed the remnants to me. Here’s what it said: “No one speaks to Mr. Atomic and I can’t speak to him unless I’m naked,” Mrs. Atomic. No wonder the FAX caught fire. Another FAX sizzled from the rusting machine: I'm the Atomic wife and president of Atomic Dice Studio Arts LLC. I am very excited to hear about this opportunity. We can talk on a conference call with Mr. Atomic, and I to make sure we get all the information for the drawing, timeline, and we can review cost. Are you available this afternoon around 4:00 p.m. for a phone call? I expect it to last around 15-20 minutes. Our workload this weekend is light and we believe we can get started on the project ASAP. I have a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership and I'm helping The Atomic Team with business details, so he can focus on what he does best, his extraordinary artistic talent. I think a redhead with big tits will be a lovely asset to the bike, but I prefer blondes, hahaha Mrs. Atomic to you, pal Cell - (330) 581-7501 The entire Bikernet staff stood at their gold leafed milk crates and saluted. We were impressed, but that was just her initial letter. The next day after I FedEx’d a small bag of gold to the Atomic Ivory Towers I started to receive sketches. The Atomic team rapidly became the most responsive art team I have ever had the privileged to work with. Sketches flew in, from rough concepts, to minor and major detailed adjustments. We discussed position and backgrounds and Mr. Atomic never hesitated to try something new. ab2 Sketch #1 - We went with the girl straddling the Torpedo and flying around the Planet 5-Ball...

salt4 Sketch #2 - She was coming together, but needed the additional salty connection

Within a couple of days he inked a final, but I had a question about the girls helmet and sunglasses. “I dig the character of our mascot, but was her whacky sunglasses and helmet position intentional.” Mrs. Atomic chimed in immediately. Then a memo flew in from the mountain where Mr. Atomic’s father resided in his high-security, most secret art studio. A vote was taken and the girl’s features aligned for the final drawing. salt5 Sketch #3 - Ah, the dialed in Salty Mascot. Color was added and we were ready to rock. I was so impressed with the team, the art and the speed of delivery, we immediately started on the next Salt Torpedo artistic hurtle—a concept drawing.

Chicks dig me, because I rarely wear underwear and when I do it's usually something unusual. A website without a direction is like a foot without a big toe. I provide direction, coordinate updates and monitor activities… I’m the big toe for the 5-Ball Racing Garage site.

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