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Gangster Choppers

A few years ago Dr. Jack Tequila (an amateur chiropractor) invited me out to his beach house “Sea-Section” in Emerald Isles, NC. As we often do, we talked about builders. That’s when John Dodsen, Owner of Gangster Choppers got on my radar.

When you meet him, you notice his intensity. Dodsen requires an outlet to display his metal fabrication skills. John has the desire to machine functional art and a motorcycle offers the perfect platform. Everything is seen. Dodsen is a “no-frills” builder as all of his  art needs to be functional. So ordinary items like foot controls, fuel valves, exhaust pipes, key switches, motor mounts take on an art form.

Dodson not only wears our SPL OPS Jacket, he sells them with the Gangster patch. Two features that resonated with John were the zip off sleeves and the two intenal conceal pockets.

John Dodson isn’t about compromise, he builds what he wants and holds true to his origins. Look around at the choppers that have rolled out of the shop over the last 12 years. Both national and international magazine features along with T.V. coverage. If you’re after a chopper with the soul and heritage then Gangster Choppers is a shop to look at.

If you are looking for a chopper, be sure to mosey on over to John’s website or visit Gangster Choppers Facebook page for more gangstery info.

Dr. Jack Tequila has two passions, motorcycles and tequila. He resides on a sailboat in the port city Wilmington, NC.From time to time, Dr. Jack will throw a few tidbits and observations our way.

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