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Biker Profile: Rosa Bean – Bartender @ Suck Bang Blow

Biker Profile: Rosa Bean – Bartender @ Suck Bang Blow

We ran into Biker Rosa Bean @ Suck Bang Blow during the Horse Backstreet Chopper's Chop Day during the 2016 Myrtle each Bike Week celebration. She is short in height and big in personality.


Born in NY. Thrown into the biker life at 3, and she has been ‘braaaaaaaaping’ ever since. Her mom and step dad toted her up and down the East coast, attending Harley Rendezvous’, from NY to FL in their old school flat nose van. They moved to the Carolinas when she was 12, things were different, to say the least.


PSA from Rosa
Biker Profile: Rosa Bean – Bartender
PSA: Just a friendly reminder to get those prostates checked, fellas!


She grew up around lots of bikers, boobies, and cool shit. She's met a lot of bad ass people, and has an enormous non-blood family. You can find her fucking shit up behind the bar at Suck Bang Blow. She still has her 67 Triumph chopper and is currently working on a complete restoration of a '67 Firebird 400.


After high school, she ran her own piercing business in Boone N.C. for a few years, only to feel not at home, so she packed her shit, and moved to the beach in 2005. She had a calling to be near the ocean, so she went with it. Suck Bang Blow was one of the first places Rosa was introduced to, she felt at home and Rosa said it felt like family immediately.


Rosa was offered a job at the Blow a few years later, and obviouslyshe took it! They threw her behind the bar, and well, the rest is history. Today she rides a 67 Triumph chopper, that was a cover feature in 2013 in The Horse Backstreet Choppers Magazine issue #134.


Working at SBB is an experience like no other! All of the events, rallies twice a year, holidays, there is ALWAYS something going on!! Come see her, she just might let you buy her a shot!


About Suck Bang Blow
Every day at Suck Bang Blow (SBB) is an event, but some days are just better than others. SBB has Myrtle Beach events ranging from their 2 huge motorcycle rallies down to local poker runs hosted by their friends and staff. Suck Bang Blow also has several annual events like Walk of Shame, Cash Bash, Rockabunny Rumble, Rebel Yell and the South Carolina Biker Hall of Fame induction ceremony. They always have something going on. Please make sure to check their calendar regularly to keep up with the event dates along with our weekly live music schedule.


SBB is a biker bar. Some bars are owned or managed by people who are friendly toward motorcyclists. Some bars and restaurants advertise that they are "biker friendly" to attract more bikers and motorcycle (bike) enthusiasts. Biker bars are patronized by people from all walks of life, including bikers, non-bikers, and motorcycle club adherents, including outlaw motorcycle clubs.


Biker Profile: Rosa Bean – Bartender
Rosa Bean and Whitney


Biker Profile: Rosa Bean – Bartender
Rosa Bean's choppa


Biker Profile: Rosa Bean - Bartender @ Suck Bang Blow
Rosa Bean - Bartender @ Suck Bang Blow


Rosa Bean
Rosa Bean and Whitney @ Suck Bang Blow


Go see and support the local girls Whitney and Rosa at Suck Bang Blow's front bar during Bike Week and through out the year!



Dr. Jack Tequila has two passions, motorcycles and tequila. He resides on a sailboat in the port city Wilmington, NC.From time to time, Dr. Jack will throw a few tidbits and observations our way.

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