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Rider Beware: medical experts warn of dormant butt syndrome

Rider Beware: medical experts warn of dormant butt syndrome

Dormant Butt Syndrome could keep you out of the saddle and off your motorcycle

Ohio State University researchers are warning of a new ailment they call "Dormant Butt Syndrome." Characterized by tight hip flexors and weak gluteal muscles.


    "It basically refers to the gluteus-maximus, or the glute muscles not functioning as efficiently as they should," says Dr. Chris Kolba, a physical therapist at Ohio State University's Wexner Medical Center.
Weak gluteal muscles are more than just aesthetically displeasing - they can also cause a whole host of nasty side effects - such knee, hip and back pain.


Dormant Butt Syndrome (DBS) is commonly brought on by lack of exercise, doing the wrong type of exercise, sitting too much and even sleeping in the fetal position.


    "The rear end should act as support for the entire body and as a shock absorber for stress during exercise, but if it's too weak, other parts of the body take up the slack and it often causes injury," says physical therapist Chris Kolba.


Dormant Butt Syndrome Bad news
You really need to get off your butt to do something about it. We guess Gwyneth Paltrow's trainer Tracy Anderson was right - you can exercise your way out of a 'long butt'.


However, DBS isn’t just caused by those who exercise improperly. Kolba says stretching, making a point to stand and walk as often as possible throughout the day and adding exercise to strengthen the gluteal muscles can help you avoid pain and injury in other parts of the middle to lower body.


Rider Beware: medical experts warn of dormant butt syndrome


This is not a formal medical diagnosis, and patients will not find it in any compendium of medical conditions. But the problem is as real as its physical impacts, such as tight hip flexors and injuries to the meniscus, which can lead to the need for knee surgery.


    "Prolonged inactivity causes muscle imbalances, so when people do get up to go walk or try to play with their kids things start to break down," Kolba said. "That leads to this pain they think is coming out of nowhere."


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