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More Women Are Riding Motorcycles in the US

More Women Are Riding Motorcycles in the US

The number of ladies who ride motorcycles is steadily growing

Women on the throttle...

Good news from the Motorcycle Industry Council ahead of March 8: the number of ladies who ride motorcycles is steadily growing, and we men should be happy with that. According to the MIC, the ranks of riding women have grown with about 20 percent since 2009. Back then, around 10.5% of the ladies in US were riding motorcycles, but the latest data shows the current numbers are up, reaching 12.5 percent.
With the motorcycling culture developing and reaching more and more individual from all walks of life, it should only be small surprise that the number of ladies who decide to stop being passengers and become riders is growing. It looks like the same stress-related principles which move the men’s world are working equally fine with the other side. That is, stress-relief, increased confidence and overall, more happiness.
More women are riding & racing
More women are riding & racing
We already knew that women who ride are happier, as studies show, so with more and more ladies looking forward to a live better life and experience the feeling of a more fulfilled life experience, it was kind of natural that some of them headed for motorcycling. With 37% of the respondents to Harley-Davidson’s test stating they felt happier, 27 percent of them feeling sexier and another massive 35% reporting they felt more confident, it’s not hard to see why riding makes life better. Online resources for riding ladies, such as WomenRidersNow are regularly receiving testimonies from members stating that getting into riding a motorcycle improved their lives dramatically and some of the relaxation and stress-relief methods, such as a day at the spa, massage and the like are now being replaced with rides.  
“If you told me I would feel this good by simply riding a motorcycle, I'd have started years ago, ”one of the WRN users put the whole affair in a straightforward phrase.
  We’d surely like to see detailed statistics on the female riders’ world, for a better picture on age, bike types, types of rides they take and other interesting data. Source MPN

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