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Jeremy Cupp’s latest custom bike: Harley, Ducati & Triumph

Jeremy Cupp’s latest custom bike: Harley, Ducati & Triumph

Jeremy Cupp is the mastermind behind LC Fabrications of Grottoes, Virginia. An immaculately constructed Buell Blast motor, with a Ducati top-end, mated to a Triumph transmission, this LC Fabrications machine deserves every bit of praise thrown its way. Here are pics from his latest build: eremy Cupp's latest custom motorcycleJeremy Cupp's latest masterpiece

The history of LC Fab.

Jeremy Cupp has been working around the fab/machining trades since he was a kid. He always wanted to be a welder when he grew up (not sure when that will be). Cupp had a bunch of old Japanese bikes but always wanted a Harley and couldn’t afford one, so in 2004 he built one from a pile of early evo 883 stuff. When that was finished he thought he could do better and the cycle has kind of continued since then. Eventually, building bikes started to get expensive, so he started LC Fab to fund the addiction.

Building Bikes

Cupp builds what he can get my hands on cheap. Most of his bikes started as great salvage deals or a freebie from a buddy or whatever. It’s interesting to see if he can make some unwanted junk turn into something really nice. Jeremy shy's away from working for customers that know what they want because he doesn’t want to do what they want. When Cupp goes to a tattoo shop, he'll say “give me a cool tattoo,” and leave the rest to the artist. It is after all what he does for a living. It’s nice when someone says “I want a disc brake setup for my Indian plunger frame, and then you figure it out.” eremy Cupp's latest custom motorcycle

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