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How to make Iron Butt Rides, well, rideable

How to make Iron Butt Rides, well, rideable

– Dr. Jack Tequila
OEM saddles are crap. It’s government work, you are relying on the comfort of your backside to the low cost supplier. Here are a few options to keep you comfortable and planted on two wheels.

Airhawk™ Saddle Cushions

Airhawk™ Saddle Cushions are really air butt. The individual cells conform to your shape and eliminate pressure spots that cause discomfort. The outer cover is nylon and lycra, with a nonskid polyester and vinyl base. Designed to stay in place and not creep around during ‘active’ riding or on day-long rides, it simply lifts off when not needed. As far as seat cushions for long-distance endurance riding goes, this is state of the art. Stay in the saddle longer with more comfort.

Original AIRHAWK™ cushions (A-D) use a thick, stretchy neoprene rubber inner bladder for maximum comfort and a much more substantial and luxurious feel, especially noticed at the end of a long day in the saddle.

AIRHAWK 2™ cushions (E, F) use a lighter, thinner polyurethane air bladder that does not stretch as much as neoprene. Designed for riders who need some help on occasional long rides, they offer excellent comfort compared to other gel/foam/synthetic options, at a lower cost than the original.Made in USA

Aerostich Sheepskin Saddle Pads

Sheepskin cushions, cools and lets air circulate. When it’s sticky hot, you’ll sit cooler. And when it’s freezing, sheepskin is warm and comfy. Between extremes it’s always luxurious. Sheepskin has long been used by those who sit for extended periods because of how it cushions and vents.

These are luxurious top grade sheepskins, laminated with an Aerostich-exclusive, non-skid 3⁄16″ PVC foam mesh base, so they won’t creep around on your saddle, even if you ride aggressively. They also won’t hold or absorb much water. Saddle sheepskin pads help you stay more comfortable, refreshed and alert on long rides. Each pad features eight strategic bungee attachment points, two lengths of adjustable bungee, and four no-scratch nylon hooks for a custom installation.

Option – Make riding on the most chilly days more enjoyable by heating yourself from the core outward. It makes a huge difference that you’ll feel all over your body. The Bun Warmer uses the same basic technology as automobile seat warmers, and it’s specifically designed for motorcycles to provide the same “Ahhhhh…” factor on cold rides. Draws only 1.5 Amps, installs easily and securely under your bike’s seat cover. Comes with an on/off switch, and an internal thermostat ensures that you or your saddle won’t overheat. 8.75″×8.75″. 1.5 amps/20 watts. Made in USA

BeadRider Seat

Why beads? Because they keep you cooler and dryer by increasing the air flow between the rider and the saddle.

Wooden beads provide the movement and airflow riders need to stay comfortable in the saddle, mile after mile. Prevents “monkey butt” on extended rides. Proven by one million long-suffering taxi drivers over billions of miles. Available in four sizes and any color you want…as long as it’s black. Replace the tied on straps with the optional ROK Quick Release Straps for fast, easy on/off.

Anti Monkey Butt Powder Option

This will save your ass on long, hard rides. It’s purpose-built for your butt, but also works great in underwear and everywhere that is sensitive to chafing, burning, reddening rashes. More than a re-packed drugstore talc or a baby powder, this proprietary formula eliminates getting painfully chafed, raw and rashy during sweaty butt-busting activities. It also provides an immediate ‘aaaahhh-oooohhh’ skin relief on (or after) tough rides. Good for motorcyclists, truck drivers, off road and road drivers, bicyclists, etc., whenever your butt takes a pounding all day. Choose 6 oz. Bottle or convenient 1.5 oz. Travel Size.


Dr. Jack Tequila has two passions, motorcycles and tequila. He resides on a sailboat in the port city Wilmington, NC.From time to time, Dr. Jack will throw a few tidbits and observations our way.

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