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George The Painter rolls with SPL OPS Vest

George The Painter rolls with SPL OPS Vest

Just in from George the Painter:
    ...Got me a special ops vest from @5ballracingleathers and I couldn't be happier. No more worrying about concealed carry any more, these vest have a pocket for everything and two convenient places for guns! In a word awesome, thanks guys! ‪
George Frizzell (aka George the Painter) has been an active participant in the motorcycle culture for well over two decades. Writing and painting pictures, he's been sharing his incites and hypocrisy in the pages of The Horse Backstreet Choppers magazine as a staff writer and occasional illustrator since 2006. Now residing in Florida, he hopes to continue convulsing his way, seemingly without direction, on two wheels. As George likes to say, "Anything short of total devastation or the arrival of Paramedics is a good day." GTP is a rider and a writer and has an uncanny way of writing that puts you behind the handlebars.
    I’m no different than any other swingin’ dick limpin’ around on this planet, there is shit that I still hope to do and some other passing moments you will always wish you could just erase but you can’t…it’s all just part of being who you are. Some of us rise from the moment of conception while others (me) flounder around just havin’ some kicks and hoping that the end will come before your passed experiences bite you in the ass before you bite the dust…but it eventually catches up with you unless you die early enough to leave a pretty corpse.
(13 Pocket) Our Special Ops Vest delivers secure storage, 7 pockets inside and 6 pockets outside. The vest comes with heavy duty gun metal grey zipper front, bound leather neck trim (nothing flapping in the wind) and double needle seam construction. The 2 conceal and carry pockets are nestled deep inside the milled Buffalo leather.

  • (2) chest Pockets (zip closure)
  • (2) Zip waist pockets
  • (2) waist flap pockets (snap closure) & side snap adjustment.
  • (2) Gun pockets with quick snap
  • (2) Zip pockets
  • (2) coin pockets
  • 100% cotton black/white plaid lining.
  • 1 Media Pocket

Chicks dig me, because I rarely wear underwear and when I do it's usually something unusual. A website without a direction is like a foot without a big toe. I provide direction, coordinate updates and monitor activities… I’m the big toe for the 5-Ball Racing Garage site.

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