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Departure Bike Works Craze for Dynas

The hot item in the neighborhood here in LA and in Richmond, Virginia is the new 15-inch rotor kit for Dynas from Arlen Ness. Jeremiah installed one in about 15 minutes, and he torqued everything to specs. Departure Bike Works will install one on your Dyna in a hot flash. Suddenly, without any fuss you nearly have the capabilities of a dual disc front end at a fraction of the cost and effort.

To install a dual disc system on any single disc front end means a new additional lower leg, new brake lines, an additional caliper, and a new front wheel. This kit from Arlen Ness adds braking power because of the larger diameter rotor. It comes with a machined bracket to raise your caliper, and it bolts directly to your existing front wheel. Bada bing you have additional front braking power. Check it out, and if you’re in the Richmond area, go see Lee and Brenda at Departure Bike Works on Hull Street Road. They’ll take care of you.



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