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My name is Fredric Harrell. I’m a founding member of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation. After

a long hiatus, in 2017 I returned to the MRF Board of Directors as Director of Conferences and

Events. Like my fellow board members, I serve without compensation. I serve for one reason and one

reason alone: I believe in the MRF’s mission to promote, protect and preserve motorcycling.

Over the years, the MRF has made marginally successful attempts to acquire sponsors for the MRF’s

premier event – the annual Meeting of the Minds Conference. Typically, that introduction and

solicitation begins with what the MRF has done.


After many discussions with motorcycle industry

leaders, I believe that approach does little to assure potential sponsors of our intent. Here’s what your

sponsorship of the MRF’s annual Meeting of the Minds Conference will not get you…

ü Interaction with motorcyclists rights advocates and influence centers and a network of over

250,000 motorcyclists;

ü Display space at the event location (Crown Plaza Aire Hotel, Minneapolis, MN., Sept. 19-22,


ü Ad space in the event program;

ü Admission to all workshops;

ü Admission to the event banquet;

ü One-year subscription to the American Bikers Journal.


The Meeting of the Minds was the precursor and catalyst for the Motorcycle Riders

Foundation. Founded in 1989, the Motorcycle Riders Foundation recognized the need for full-time

representation in Washington, D.C., and on a shoestring budget, established an office in Washington with

a one-person staff and a full-time lobbyist.


In 30 years, the MRF has not strayed from the original commitments to motorcyclists’ rights. It has

not been easy. In retrospect, the issues facing the motorcycling community today are equally as important

as those of the early days.

In September 2018, the MRF outlined a list of legislative priorities, and accomplishable goals, for the

upcoming session of Congress and beyond — 2019 Legislative & Regulatory Priorities – available online

at These legislative priorities touch every aspect of motorcycling from the Road to Zero

(a noble goal of zero highway fatalities that does not include motorcycles in the matrix of highway users);

to autonomous vehicles with no motorcycle recognition algorithms, to the year-round sale of E15 and the

adverse effect it has on motorcycle engines.


None of this would be possible without the dedication of MRF members, the contributions of

motorcycle industry leaders and enthusiasts, and the training and motivation that motorcyclists’ rights

advocates receive each year at the MRF’s annual Meeting of the Minds.


 Do not hesitate to inquire deeper into what

the MRF is doing to promote, protect and preserve motorcycling and motorcyclists rights.

With few exceptions, the attacks against motorcycling are subtle and they go a lot deeper than helmet

laws, blacklists of sport bikes or banning motorcycles from HOV lanes. For 30 years, the presence of the

Motorcycle Riders Foundation is witnessed daily in the committee rooms, staff offices on Capitol Hill

and in front of members of Congress. That presence exists and is successful because of the dedication

and determination of MRF members standing behind that commitment to promote, protect and preserve

the freedoms that we all enjoy, especially as motorcyclists.


As I stated at the start of this letter, I serve on the MRF’s board of directors because I believe in the

work of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation.


Thank you, and thank you in advance for your sponsorship of the Meeting of the Minds Conference.


–Fredric Harrell

Director of Conferences & Events

Motorcycle Riders Foundation

P.S. If you need more information or would like to discuss the MRF and the Meeting of the Minds

Conference in greater detail, please let me know a convenient time to call you. Thank you very much.

P.P.S. If times are tough and sponsorship support of the Meeting of the Minds Conference is not possible, please consider

joining the MRF. Thank you.

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