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At the Pro Invitational Custom Bike Show with the Washnoks

At the Pro Invitational Custom Bike Show with the Washnoks

The rumble of Harley-Davidson motorcycles could be heard in and around Milwaukee over Labor Day. At the Harley-Davidson Museum, riders gathered for a first look at the new 2016 models and to take part in the Pro Invitational Custom Bike Show.

Riders from across the country were in Milwaukee this weekend for the rally. And two riders, James and Katie Washnok of Blackout Motors, competed against each other in the Pro-Invitational Custom Bike Show and Competition.

harley7 Katie and James Washnok compete with each other in the Museum Show

In 2013, James and Katie built ‘his and hers’ bikes for their wedding. Katie didn’t have many requirements except the bikes needed to have a Coach saddle. On Sunday, September 6th, their bikes, Pearl and Lewie, were side-by-side competing in the FreeStyle class.

“Make sure your wife`s bike is just a little bit cooler than yours because it`s always better if she wins!” James Washnok said.

The relationship started a long time ago. Katie and James met…well re-met…in the summer of 2003 through mutual friends. They would later find out their friendship went much farther back; to their days at the Avera St. Lukes Hospital Daycares.

Together the couple also owns and operates Blackout Motors; a customization shop specializing in custom motorcycle builds, located in Aberdeen, SD.

The 2015 Milwaukee Rally is a big draw for motorcycle enthusiasts. The event brought Harley-Davidson riders to participating dealerships and the Harley-Davidson Museum this Labor Day weekend.

“You buy a bike from Harley-Davidson and then you make it your own,” Tim McCormick with the Harley-Davidson Museum said.

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