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A Quickie from Doc Robinson

A Quickie from Doc Robinson

Note: Doc stopped in at The Flying Piston Charity Breakfast. Always great to see this crazy Australian.

Bikers are pouring into Sturgis from all over with the expected doubling of the usual attendance appearing to become a reality. Traffic is crazy busy with Lazelle a nightmare at times, grid lock traffic from end to end. The weather is hot and fine and despite the crowding most people seem to be having a ball.

My day began with the Builders’ Charity Breakfast at the Chip and then attending the FXR Bike Show in the City Park where a hundred or so smock FXRs were proudly displayed. Then it was back to the Chip for the Michael Lichter Exibition, the Naked Truth featuring a display of unpainted bikes which truly did display the workmanship in all its naked glory. All superbly done.

—Doc Robinson, Heavy Duty Magazine, Australia.

Pics from The Flying Piston

Will & Jeff enjoying The FLying Piston

Will and Jeff Cochran checking out The Flying Piston

Signed The Leatherworks Bag

Signed solo bag from The Leatherworks

Steve & Billy Lane talking bikes

Billy Lane talking bikes

Dr. Jack Tequila has two passions, motorcycles and tequila. He resides on a sailboat in the port city Wilmington, NC.From time to time, Dr. Jack will throw a few tidbits and observations our way.

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