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Summer Riding Gear Checklist from 5-Ball Racing Garage

Summer Riding Gear Checklist from 5-Ball Racing Garage

Why You Need Good Gear

The allure of traveling off the beaten path to locations few people have ever seen is inspirational to say the least. After logging thousands of miles and meeting riders from all walks of life, we feel obliged to encourage riders to climb aboard and experience the adventure motorcycling first hand.

Even around town you’ll be hitting 50 mph or more and, on the highway, you may find yourself exceeding 85 mph. Your skin, bones and organs were not designed to withstand impacts at those speeds.

Heading to Chop Day at Suck Bang Blow during Myrtle Beach Bike Week Heading to Chop Day at Suck Bang Blow during Myrtle Beach Bike Week

Then there’s the question of abrasion. As a general rule of thumb, figuring the average road surface, you can expect to lose one millimeter of flesh for every mile-an-hour you’re going over 30 when you crash. If you crash at 70 mph you can lose an inch and a half? We’re talking serious, life threatening injuries from abrasion alone.

Then there’s the weather. What if it’s kinda cold out? Even at, say, a 50 degrees, windchill at 55 mph is going to make it feel like it’s 25 degrees out. So from the kind of temperature in which you need a light sweater, to the kind of cold where you want long undies and a down jacket. Getting wet would compound that much further.

Gear can even help when it’s hot by better allowing your body’s natural evaporate cooling effect to take place. Under constant wind blast, the sweat is blown off your skin too quickly for it to have a cooling effect. Put on a jacket, helmet, boots, gloves and pants, however, and your body is free to cool itself as designed.

Categories Requirements Selecting Gear
Boots Sturdy, over the ankle
  • Durable, protect from road debris & exhaust heat
  • Skid proof and oil resistance soles
  • Cover ankles
Pants Long pants
  • Cover boots in riding position
  • Heavy weight and durable
Shirts Long Sleeve Shirt
Jackets / Outerwear For the season
  • Should fit well & in good condition – zippers, closures etc.
  • Specific for the season
  • 5/8th Sleeve Jack Shirt for warm / Hot weather riding
  • Special Ops Jacket with convertible sleeve
  • Flat Out Vest – multi-pockets
Gloves Full fingered
  • Fit ( not loose or tight)
  • Specific for the season
Eyewear Eye protection
  • Regular sunglasses are not protective eyewear
  • Features include anti-fog to day/night transition lense
Lids Secure fit
  • Proper fit and good working condition
  • Replaced every 3 – 4 years
  • Specific for the season, riding style and comfort

Dr. Jack Tequila has two passions, motorcycles and tequila. He resides on a sailboat in the port city Wilmington, NC.From time to time, Dr. Jack will throw a few tidbits and observations our way.

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