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5 Reasons to Date a Biker Chick

5 Reasons to Date a Biker Chick

You don’t need 5 Reasons to Date a Biker Chick because Biker Chicks are cool. The Benefits of Dating a Woman Who Rides:

1. They’re into leather.

Need I say more? Nothing better than a  black biker leather jacket. Feelings?   Chicks look and feel bad-ass wearing leather, They get noticed on and off the bike. And there is nothing better than a leather ensemble: black biker jacket,  black leather skirt suits with thigh-boots, gloves and bags etc.

2. They’re tough

A scientific fact: if you ride a motorcycle, at some point, you’re going to fall down and go boom. Been there, done that, and we’re not about to boo-hoo when (not if) it happens again. It takes a lot to make women riders cry. As in, “sorry ma’am, that repair bill is going to cost you a lot”.


3. They travel light

Ladies only really need for any given vacation fits easily into a bag: sleeping tees or t-shirt dresses for summer travel, toothbrush, bikini, a little black dress, heels, sunscreen, lip-gloss and mascara. Riders know this. You don’t see crammed 50lbs bags with “essentials” like shampoo that you’re expected to shlep around for her. A few items that should be included:

  • Heavy reliance on USB electronics
  • Mini-mini sewing kit
  • Mini first aid kit
  • 2 garbage bags
  • 2 gallon ziplock
  • 4 quart ziplock


4. They’re “Cheap Date”

Forget $15 martinis and $40 sea bass. They’re  dream-date is a long ride on a twisty road with lunch someplace where they bake their own bread and the waitress calls the patrons “honey.” Bonus: riders show up with their tanks full and ready to ride.


5. Every Guy You Know Will Be Jealous of You

You tell a guy about a girl you know who rides a motorcycle, and their imagination kicks in to sixth gear. Let it.

Dr. Jack Tequila has two passions, motorcycles and tequila. He resides on a sailboat in the port city Wilmington, NC.From time to time, Dr. Jack will throw a few tidbits and observations our way.

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