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Rolling to the Horse’s Chop Day – 2016 Best Motorcycle Adventure

Rolling to the Horse’s Chop Day – 2016 Best Motorcycle Adventure

Rolling to the Horse's Chop Day at Myrtle Beach Bikeweek - Best Motorcycle Adventure

I got the call from Edge, promoter of the Smoke Out Rally, about helping out on the Chop Day, an entertainment day provided by the Cowboys and Cowgirls of The Horse Backstreet Choppers Magazine at Suck Bang Blow during Myrtle Beach Bike Week.


I’ve seen the Suck Bang Blow crew at a number of Smoke Outs but never have I been up close and personal… these people are crazy. They encourage aberrant behavior and also make sure everyone is having a good time while they are doing it.


The night before meeting up with the Charlie Horse crew  I did a systems check on the 1995 Dyna… click, click, click. Dead battery. Brain dead actions of leaving my key in the ignition in the “on” mode depleted the battery. Jumped the bike, road around for 30 minutes, let it idle for 20 minutes, parked and hooked it up on the battery charger.


JAK Shirt - The Right Tool for the Job

I woke up early on Friday morning and fired up the sled. All systems go. Packed the backpack, put on a t-shirt and a long-sleeve cotton shirt as the base level. THEN I threw on a 5-Ball Leathers’ JAK Shirt to repel the wind and rain. I like the JAK Shirt because it is big enough to add layers and adjust the comfort while on a trip. In addition, it comes with a zipper under the snap front. This allowed me to adjust the amount of air I get while riding. I just got an iPhone 6s, the big model, so the deep side pockets were great when I needed to access the GPS function.


I punched in the address in my phone, slammed the visor of my Speed and Strength full face lid, toggled the starter and blasted out of the friendly confines of my friend's pad in Durham, NC.


Like most guys, I match the equipment to the environment that I’m riding into. Lite rain and cool temperatures dictate a full face lid, insulated gauntlet gloves, rain suit and insulated chucks.


Best Motorcycle Adventure The clean Long Sleeve JAK Shirt


Within 30 minutes the majority of the “excitement” of the riding portion of the trip happened. I was in the fast lane, an 18 wheeler’s tread let go and everyone in front of me was darting right, left and hitting their brakes.  I grabbed a handful and pulled left to the runoff area and then pulled left again on onto the wet grass because of the parked taxi. As I pulled onto the grass, I let off the front brake and increased the brake pressure to the rear so I wouldn’t do a face plant. I slowed down and then returned to the tarmac and increased my speed slowly allowing the mud to fly off the wheels.


About 5 minutes later the Dyna lost power. The speedometer rolled to 100mph+ while it was slowing to 70mph or so. I pointed the bike over to the runoff area and all of a sudden, it caught fire and I was cooking with oil again.


I decided to stop at Ray Price Harley-Davidson dealership in Raleigh, NC to check out the scoot. And everything looked copacetic. I went through the checklist again, brakes, lights, horn, tire pressure etc. It started up and I continued on my way to South Carolina. To say I was relieved, was an understatement; I felt the same as when my girlfiend's test strip didn't change color.


Best Motorcycle Adventure Stop at Stopped at Ray Price H-D for a Quick bike Once-over


Why the JAK Shirt for Best Motorcycle Adventure to Date

I selected the 5-Ball full sleeve JAK Shirt for the trip because of the storage. 5 pockets on the outside and 4 on the inside, with two of them being conceal and carry. These conceal and carry pockets are also ideal for you cell phone and wallet.


The JAK Shirt has a snap front and is great to regulate your airflow. For extended blasts over 80mph, the zipper is used to fine tune airflow and keep the JAK from unsnapping.


Since the JAK is designed with a shirt tale, it eliminates butt crack sightings. Which also keeps you warm and comfortable.


Suck Bang Blow (SBB) is named after a motorcycle engine: Suck the air through the intake then spark and fuel followed by a Bang of the pistons and finally you Blow out the exhaust.


Best Motorcycle Adventure At SBB's Chop Day Bike Show


SBB is wide open on its nearly 2 acre location with 10 days of hot girls tending 17 bars with live music all day and night featuring the rockin’ outdoor stage which can be seen from all of the decks, rooftops and bridge.


The two bartenders I know from the Smoke Out are Whitney and Rosa. They have both been on the cover. Rosa has a little custom bike that the Horse did a feature on a few years back.


While I was working with Edge to fine tune the bike show plan, I noticed Rosa playing with a large dildo as she was serving drinks. I don’t know what she was actually doing with it, but the bar patrons were very enthusiastic.


Burnouts and contests happen all day, every day. And speaking of burnouts, Blind Bob has a Sporty with 2,000+ miles and as you might guess, it is burnout miles because Blind Bob don’t ride. You can't miss bling bob, he does his smokeouts with a lizard suit.


Best Motorcycle Adventure Burnouts rolling all-day at SBB


Guys were working hard to blow their tires and gassing it hard enough to kill any rodent. SBB had a tire changer and tires on-hand for any smoker that needed to get back home on new rubber.


The Green Room is where the music acts stay before their set and the stories of the antics that happen there are legendary. There was a story where a birthday party ensued and one lady removed the icing from the cake and slathered it over the birthday girl and proceeded to lick it off. It aroused the boys and one HA decided to join the birthday festivities and provided full adult entertainment. The story couldn’t be confirmed or denied but I did find out that the following day the Green Room was steamed cleaned.


The bikes rolled into the Chop Day bike show slow and steady. The Horse celebs were in attendance including George the Painter (GTP), Bean’re, Hammer, MzDebo, Englishman and Edge.


GTP Didn't like the Special Ops Vest, He loved it!

GTP was on his way to NJ for some reason and only hung out for half a day. He pulled me aside and said that he didn’t like the Special Ops vest, he loved it! He also bitched about finding sizing on the site. It was a real pain in the ass and when he did finally find it, he couldn’t blow it up. So I told him that I would send it up the 5-Ball chain of command and promised him that it would be fixed asap, if not sooner.


The bikes in the show were cool. And 10 builders will be featured in an upcoming issue of the Horse Backstreet Chopper Magazine.

Edge Entertains the Crowd with "Honey I’m Home"

While the bike show was going on at the front of SBB, Edge was putting on a show out back. He orchestrated “Honey I’m Home” where a guy who was laying on a bed with a chick in a g-string.


At the sound of the door slamming, the biker  was timed on pulling on his pants, opening a door, running down the stairs and kick-starting a triumph. After that event it was time for the wet t-shirt contest. By then the crowd was in a frenzy. So the (10) bike show winners took to the stage and got their glam shots with the Horse Maidens.


By 9PM on Saturday night the Chop Day activities had concluded but the bar was just starting to swing into high gear. Surround around sound, rumbling sleds, high-energy bands and wall-to-wall people made this bar the place to be and be seen. The next event for The Horse Backstreet Choppers team is the Smoke Out Rally in June. It’s a two-day event that is full of mayhem.


Best Motorcycle Adventure Girls just want to have fun!


Rolling to the Horse's Chop Day at Myrtle Beach Bikeweek - Best Motorcycle AdventureOne of the Many stops for NASCAR Fuel on the way to the Horse's Chop Day at Suck Bang Blow


Best Motorcycle Adventure Hammer working the crowd at the Chop Day


Best Motorcycle Adventure The green room is dark and comfy


Best Motorcycle Adventure Bike Show Talent


Best Motorcycle Adventurec 10 custom bikes Win the Chop Day Show


Best Motorcycle Adventure The happy shinny ladies serving the swill


This is the Best Motorcycle Adventure of 2016 to date. Alcohol, bikes burnouts and bands... what's not to love.

Dr. Jack Tequila has two passions, motorcycles and tequila. He resides on a sailboat in the port city Wilmington, NC.From time to time, Dr. Jack will throw a few tidbits and observations our way.

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